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We Offer Both Plain And Carved Mantels. Your Choice.
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Whether you select a mantel design from our stock or choose a custom built mantel, your satisfaction is always guaranteed.
Just let us know the special size that you need.



Plain Mantels


Hand Hewn Barn Beam


Whole Log With Flat Top Shelf


Accent Carved Mantels


Mantel With Top Shelf and Molding





A Variety Of Mantel Supports To Choose From.
Mantel With Top Shelf And Supports


Cedar Springs, Michigan



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• Pine branch and pine cones • Oak leaves and acorns • Grape vines • Leaves and berries • Wildlife • Landscapes • Nautical or Whimsical Designs.


Carved Block Applied To Mantel.






New Designs Coming Soon!
Accent Carvings Are Around 12 to 27 Inches In Length.
Choose an accent carved design for your mantel or select your design and have it placed onto a board that can be applied onto your existing mantel. These boards have finished edges and are stained to blend with your existing mantel. Actually these designs can be placed into any room of your home.













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Add Character And Charm To Your Mantel With Accent Carved Designs.
On All Mantels And Carved Board Applications.
Oak Leaves And Acorns


Choose Any Bird Species


In Stock
Call For Prices And Special Offers.



027 - Wild Vines With Mushrooms and Strawberries - 5" W x 9" D 84"L


Choose from a variety of subjects.
Pine Cones Arrangements


031 - Pine Branch Engraved - 3" W x 9" D x67"L




Trout On Rock Bed - 5" W x 9" D x65" L


032 - Pine Branch Raised - 4" W x 8' D x 56" L




024 - Engraved Pine Branch - 5" W x 9" D x 62" L




023 - 8" W x 11" D x 63" L




The supports are optional.































• Free Shipping on all mantels up to 60 inches • • • Some mantels up to 65 inches may also ship at no cost. Please Call for Special Shipping Prices.